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Energy Products



Look no further for quality kerosene throughout Addison, Southern Chittenden, and Rutland counties than Champlain Valley Fuels. We sell quality kerosene at very competitive prices.

Having a rich history with many different uses, kerosene is a multi-faceted fuel that is very clean burning. It finds uses in space heaters and in commercial use. Kerosene has even been used to power bus fleets in big cities and to fuel jet and rocket engines, just in case you have one in your backyard.


Stop in or contact us today for the kerosene you need for any of your indoor or outdoor equipment!

On-Road and Off-Road Diesel

Champlain Valley Fuels knows how important it is to keep your business and your vehicles moving, which is why we bring on- and off-road diesel to Addison, Southern Chittenden, and Rutland counties.

Off-Road Diesel

You know that when you get products from Champlain Valley Fuels, you are getting quality and time-tested supplies. We are proud to deliver our off-road diesel in our dedicated trucks, ensuring clean, pure diesel to keep your equipment running smoothly. We only offer Ultra-Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD), keeping our products dependable and clean for optimum operation.

We deliver off-road diesel for the following businesses:

  • Agricultural

  • Commercial

  • Industrial


On-Road Diesel

Trust your vehicles to Champlain Valley Fuels for quality on-road diesel. We only sell quality ULSD to ensure proper operation and longevity in all of your vehicles. Whether for commercial or agricultural vehicles or to fuel your ATV or pickup truck, know that when you come to Champlain Valley Fuels, we have the quality diesel you are looking for.

Contact us today for more information.

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